In the last video we looked at what if your tenants don't pay their rent and are you covered?

In the final video in this series we will discuss our last most frequently asked questions:

Will my policy be automatically renewed?

Automatic renewal of insurance contracts is frequently adopted by most insurance providers. However, regardless of whether your policy will be automatically renewed or not you should always be given sufficient time to renew or cancel, this is typically 3 weeks in advance of the renewal date.

On receipt of your renewal documentation always read them carefully to check that your cover is still suitable. It should also indicate whether you need to take any action to renew or whether your policy will simply renew if you do nothing.

Should your policy renew automatically and you haven't advised your insurer that you do not wish to continue with the cover you will have 14 days from the renewal date to cancel the policy and receive a full refund. Although please be aware that many insurance providers will charge you a cancellation fee.

If you are in any doubt once you have received your renewal documents contact your insurer and they will confirm what, if anything you need to do.

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