So let's start with one of our most frequently asked questions:

What is Building Sums Insured and how do I work it out?

Your Buildings Sum Insured is simply how much it will cost for the property to be rebuilt to its existing design and equivalent standard, using up to date materials and techniques and in accordance with current Building Regulations and other statutory requirements.

So, how do you find out the rebuild value for your property?

Well if you've recently had a survey or a mortgage report carried out, then this information should be clearly stated on it.

However, if you haven't then you can still obtain this information by using theAssociation of British Insurers House Rebuilding Cost Calculator which can be found on their website at You can also find this link on our website.

Registration is completely free and all you will need to know are a few basic details about your property, for example:

  • The size of your property
  • When it was built
  • And what materials it's made of

Bear in mind that when evaluating your property you make sure you include all items that are covered under the policy – for example some policies may include domestic outbuildings, garages, sheds, walls, fences, drives and swimming pools, whilst some others may not provide cover for these.

This service will give you an estimate for your rebuild amount, some general guidance on your rebuild value, advice on measuring your property and help on using the calculator. Although it’s not 100% accurate it is a good indicator in order to obtain a quote for your property insurance with

It is very important that you have provided an accurate building sums insured to ensure you receive the full value should you need to make a claim and we will explain more about What happens if you are under insured in our next video.


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