In the last video in this series we discussed how to make a claim

This next clip will look at another of our frequently asked question;

What Happens if my Property Becomes Unoccupied?

From time to time your property may become empty due to a variety of reasons, for instance your tenants may have left and you are looking for new occupants or you may be undertaking some renovations or you may simply be in the process of selling it.

Whatever the reason for the change in circumstances you need to inform your insurer as your property insurance will need to reflect this. You will also need to be aware of any restrictions or modifications in the cover provided which will apply after the specific unoccupancy period. This will usually be after 30 days but some policies may vary and you will need to check your documentation for details.

Most commonly, a number of perils will cease to be covered and some policies may even require the water, gas and electricity to be turned off, the letter box to be sealed and the property to be inspected every 14 days and your insurer will advise you of any requirements.

So as you can see, it is important to be aware of what you are covered for and your responsibilities should your property become unoccupied.

In the next video in our series we will discuss cover for theft and malicious damage by your tenants?


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