You will wish to satisfy yourself that the tenant is likely to look after your property properly and of course pay the rent on time. There are plenty of specialist referencing companies advertising on the web and if you are using agents they should arrange this service for you.

The type of information a prospective landlord needs includes:

  • Tenant's current landlord so that references can be obtained
  • Employment details
  • Bank details
  • Credit check

The tenant's written consent will be needed and this is normally obtained as early as possible.

If there is doubt about the tenant's ability to pay the rent it is normal to ask for a guarantor and credit checks will need to be made into him or her as well. A guarantor will normally be responsible for paying the rent if the tenant defaults as well as covering the cost of any damage caused. As with all the documents involved in letting a property it is important that the guarantee agreement is carefully drafted so take specialist advice on this.


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