In the 5th video in this series we looked at what happens if your property becomes unoccupied

In this next clip we will discuss another of our commonly asked questions and that is:

Am I covered for theft and malicious damage by my tenants?

What would you do if an unhappy tenant vacated your property with some of your possessions? Or maybe they leave it or your contents in a poor state of repair due to malicious damage? You could be faced with substantial costs to put things right.

So what is Malicious Damage by your tenants? It is simply damage caused by your tenant that is classified as non accidental, for instance deliberately smashing of doors and windows or ruining fixtures and fittings like kitchen cupboards or carpets.

Most insurance policies will cover theft and malicious damage but usually exclude those acts which are perpetrated by your tenants. However many insurance providers will offer cover for theft and malicious damage by tenants as an additional option so should you want this cover always ensure you have selected this to be included on your policy.

Should this happen to you then this cover could help ensure you are not left with an expensive repair bill to restore or replace your property to a satisfactory condition before you can rent it out again.

In our next video we will discuss what if your tenants don't pay their rent? Are you covered?


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