Landlord Insurance

  • Specific insurance for landlords
  • Up to £25,000 free contents cover
  • Accidental damage & malicious damage cover included as standard
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Whether you let out a single property or have a substantial portfolio, landlord insurance is essential.

Your financial investment needs to be protected as any unexpected damage could prove costly to repair and may affect any returns you make.

  • Specialists in landlord insurance
    - Up to £25,000 FREE contents cover
    - Loss of rent & the cost of alternative accommodation
    - Wide range of tenant types considered
    - Non-standard construction, listed property and more
  • Accidental damage by tenants 
    - If you're worried about one-off unintentional problems such as tenants spilling red wine over the carpets or putting a foot through the ceiling.
  • Theft and malicious damage by tenants
    - Theft and malicious damage by the occupier is covered as standard
  • Obtain a portfolio quote if you have 3 or more properties
  • Protect your income with Rent Indemnity option 

Our extensive experience helps us to provide flexible landlord insurance quotes specially designed for property owners, at the best price possible.

If you would prefer to not obtain a quote online we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We are waiting to help with any product questions you have and to provide our best landlord insurance quote over the phone.

When shopping for landlord insurance it's important to find a policy that has been specifically designed for rental properties.

Standard home insurance won't be sufficient if the property owner isn't the primary resident.

Since the day-to-day care of the property is in the hands of the tenants you never know what unexpected problems you might come across, making landlord insurance a prudent purchase.

You should also make sure to choose a policy that will cover the type of tenants that will be living in the property. For example, some providers will not renew your policy if you are renting to students or those on housing benefit.

The location of the property and the type of construction could have a bearing on the type of insurance you need and the amount you'll have to pay. We can also offer cheap landlord insurance quotes for some non-standard buildings.

For those who have a property portfolio requiring landlord buildings cover, further savings could be achieved by opting for a single policy that covers all the residences involved. This option may also simplify management, as you'll only have one renewal date to worry about and any claims will go through the same insurer.

Buildings insurance usually consists of the property, fixtures & fittings and outbuildings (plus much more).

Contents insurance is required for items that you own at the property, covered on a 'new for old' basis, such as carpets, curtains, sofas and tables.

In addition, if you are looking for insurance for one of your own holiday properties, check out our holiday home insurance today!

To purchase the right landlord insurance cover for your needs it can help to understand the various options that are available.

The right choice will depend on the type of properties you own and the tenants that you cater for - as well as your personal preference.

Rent Indemnity Policy

Landlords Rent Indemnity Policy will help ensure you don't suffer financially if a tenant fails to pay rent while still in occupation of the premises.

Rent indemnity policy require you to have performed a tenant reference on the tenant(s) via an approved agency before they took occupation of the property and before the agreement was signed but no more than 31 days before occupation. Other excesses, terms and conditions apply so please read the full wording.

Excess options

You can increase the standard excess in return for a discount, with options from £300 upwards. Separate higher excesses will apply for subsidence (£1,000) and escape of liquid (from £350).

Employer's Liability cover

The employer's liability insurance provides cover for any legal liability imposed on an employer to pay damages to an employee injured by the employer's negligence.


Can be purchased by property owners to cover their potential losses and liabilities that might occur due to terrorist activities.

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