More people across the UK are now looking to buy homes in relatively weak markets for the purpose of an investment that can bring them a sizeable and impressive return in the long run, according to a new report that has been released by Rightmove Overseas.

The company said that there were more searches being conducted for home purchases in other nations in April, with some 5.4 million searches being carried out on its site across the single month alone.

Overall, 52.7 per cent of destinations that Rightmove covers saw an increase in the number of people searching for properties there, while only 47 per cent experienced a fall in visitors online.

It is holiday home insurance customers in Spain and France that are looking to buy more and more, with these two nations being among the most popular on the list of destinations. They have been some of the worst affected by the eurozone financial crisis, and as such they can be seen as a good place to purchase now for long term returns when the market returns to something of a healthier state.

Mayenne and Maine-et-Loire both performed particularly well with increases in search volumes sitting as high as 95.31 per cent and 65.48 per cent up on a month earlier respectively,  while Port de Pollença saw the number of people who were searching for homes there rise by some 63.01 per cent.

The main reasons for purchasing in these popular areas can include a holiday home to visit throughout the year, or to rent out to holidaymakers as a way of bringing in a good level of return.

As well as those destinations popular close to home, there were also improvements in searches for locations that are further afield. Shameem Golamy, head of Rightmove Overseas said: "April saw a significant increase in searches for long-haul destinations, particularly Australia, India and Thailand. 

"Whilst traditionally, people don’t tend to emigrate over the summer months, property prices further afield are attracting the buyers looking for a bargain."