Landlords are exposed to unregulated eviction companies, and are more vulnerable than ever today, being left stranded if they run into trouble or have a complaint by the service provided by such companies, suggested by an article recently posted on

Figures from the Ministry of Justice propose that repossessions for landlords can now take 43 weeks on average to conduct, this long process is sensitive and if not handled with care, simple compliance errors by the eviction firm can mean landlords having to pay the price of losing progression and having no alternative but to restart the procedure, leading to potential additional expenses.

In the article, founder of Landlord Action, Paul Shamplina said “not all companies are regulated, so landlords have nowhere to turn if they have a complaint, and this needs to change.” adding “Belonging to a redress scheme would be the first step to making improvements and ensuring consumer confidence.” and that becoming part of a redress scheme which could help clean up the industry. 

Partner at Anthony Gold Solicitors, David Smith, warns that some unregulated eviction companies can often deliver “misleading” or “plain wrong” information which can be detrimental to landlords and cause many setbacks for them. Adding “A robust complaints mechanism is a key component of giving landlords confidence in the reliability of such services,”

Not having a complaints services available for landlords’ means if things don’t work out, they have nothing to fall back on, this can be a big confidence blow! Sean Hooker, head of redress at Property Redress Scheme also lends his support to the article saying “Eviction is a highly technical skill that should be conducted professionally and sensitively. It is also an area where practitioners should be very aware of the service they provide to their customers.” Hooker believes that allowing independent third party regulators to step in and resolve issues from both parties to allow a fair judgement of a case and raise the reputation of firms that are able to provide eviction services to a high standard will help raise the standards and reputation of those “specialists that provide a necessary and valuable service”

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