While a bumper summer for British sport has worked wonders when it comes to inspiring people to get up out of their armchairs and start exercising, it turns out they may need an extra nudge to ensure they get out the door first.

That's because research conducted by esure home insurance found that 62 per cent of Brits work-out within their homes, and a staggering 26 per cent have caused more than £200 worth of accidental damage in their properties when doing so.

"After an unforgettable summer of sport, it's seems Brits have been truly inspired to take more of an interest in exercise and keeping themselves fit and healthy," said Nikki Sellers, head of home underwriting at esure.

"Although it's great to see the nation becoming more active, it is also important that people who choose to exercise indoors ensure they clear adequate space in their homes to avoid incidents."

And according to the statistics, the incidents we're talking about are careering into furniture - a feat that 22 per cent of respondents have achieved - and crashing through TVs or light fixtures - something that 11 per cent of homing sports stars found themselves doing.

So despite it being impossible to regulate whether or not your tenants choose to lift weights while they're sitting in front of Coronation Street, it might be necessary to advise them to keep any exercises for the gym.

Yet if they're still into doing their squats in the living room or using the door frame for pull-ups, ensuring you've got adequate landlord insurance cover will guard against any extensive repair costs that may result from accidental damage.

What's more, such policies extend beyond paying for smashed windows or torn carpets, and will also come in handy if any unexpected structural maintenance work suddenly becomes a necessity.