Regional variations in the profits that landlords can enjoy in the buy-to-let sector have been well documented in recent years, and the latest statistics from BM Solutions have revealed the extent to which different locations can have a bearing on the returns that investors see from their portfolios.

The figures show that the north is the most profitable of all the regions in Britain, with average yields of seven per cent in June, while London languished at the bottom of the standings with returns of 4.8 per cent.

But with average gross rental yields across the nation edging up to 6.2 per cent in the past year - an increase from six per cent in June 2011 - it seems that the private rental sector will continue to be a lucrative area for investment throughout the UK.

Phil Rickards, a spokesman for BM Solutions, said: "Nationally, average yields on buy-to-let properties have edged higher over the past year. A key factor pushing up yields has been rental growth in excess of five per cent."

Yet while the potential for profit in the lettings game appears to remain strong, Mr Rickards advises that landlords remember the fundamental basics to ensure the simple things do not get overlooked as they chase impressive returns.

"Despite the encouraging figures, it's still really important for any potential investors in the market to do their homework and seek expert advice first," he added.

So whether it's purchasing landlord insurance policies or keeping an eye out for the best buy-to-let mortgage rates, it's important that investors give themselves as strong a chance as possible of maximising their returns.

Indeed, while the yields on offer in the private rental sector are clear, it's vital to guard against the cost of essential repair work or unexpected void periods that could threaten long-term profits.