Landlords are facing yet more good news, after it was revealed that the cost of renting properties in many parts of the UK is actually less than that to purchase a home, meaning that demand will remain high in these areas.

Throughout the year, landlord insurance customers have been looking to capitalise on demand by making sure that they expand their portfolios in the right areas of the country, and they can continue to do this in the likes of London, the south-east and Scotland.

In these areas, potential first-time buyers will find monthly outgoings for their accommodation is less if they rented as opposed to getting themselves a house purchase loan. 

Inflated prices in London are being blamed for this being the situation in the capital, with the additional amount that first timers need to get on the ladder rather than renting having risen monthly by over £400 recently.

This means that the mean monthly cost of mortgage repayments for first timers in London amount to £1,342, far more than the £864 average monthly rental price for the same type of property.

Findings from Santander also showed that in the south-east, it would cost some £56 per month more to buy than it would to live in the private rented sector, while this figure sits at £84 in Scotland.

These are definitely the areas to focus on at the moment though, as outwith these, the situation leans back towards buyers, a reality which could see demand drop. In the UK - aside from Scotland, London and the south-east - the cost of buying is £335 per month, compared to the average rental price of £480.

Phil Cliff, director of mortgage marketing at Santander UK, said: "When we first conducted this research in 2010, London was the only UK location where it was cheaper to rent than buy. Now, a demand for housing and rising house prices has seen both the South East and Scotland join its ranks."