London may be traditionally considered as the most active, expensive and buoyant property market in Britain, but it appears that the best rental yields are actually achieved outside of the capital.

That's according to figures released by haart residential services, which detail that the east of England currently offers investors the highest returns on buy-to-let properties in the UK, with a typical two-bedroom apartment in Peterborough generating profit of 9.2 per cent per year.

"The city continues to generate extremely healthy yields for investors," said Ben Norton, lettings manager for haart of Peterborough.

"It has a wide choice of housing stock available, property prices are relatively low in comparison with Cambridge whilst rents are on a par with many others towns and cities in the region."

With a three-bedroom house in the town providing landlords with yields of 6.7 per cent, many investors could be drawn to the area as they look to maximise their profits during the buy-to-let boom and benefit from high levels of demand among tenants.

And as well as looking for the regions in the UK that offer the most impressive returns, one expert also advises that investors shop around to find the best value landlord insurance policies as a means to maximise the returns that they enjoy from their portfolios.

"I usually think that you are better off by shopping around and going to the main brokers that advertise online and elsewhere to get a better level of cover and lower premiums," said David Lawrenson, private rented sector expert at

Indeed, given that landlords have to take into account maintenance, mortgage and furnishing costs when they set out their budgets, shopping around to find the best investment properties and cheapest insurance cover could be an effective way of maximising yields and avoiding any losses.