With around 50 per cent of rental properties likely to be empty over the Christmas period, the chances of suffering a burglary increase dramatically according to a recent report by Lee Boyce of This is Money.

It is estimated that of these only about 18 per cent of tenants will inform their landlords that they are going away, even though leaving a flat or house empty can increase the chances of fire or weather damage – as well as burglary.

Protection Options

What other steps can you take? Alarms and CCTV cameras are commonly used to deter burglars.

According to the article, some years ago, a group of reformed burglars revealed their key tactics to the police. They said they wanted to carry out burglaries as quickly as possible, and without any confrontation.  That meant that “monitored alarms and CCTV” would dissuade them from attempting a break-in.  The ex-burglars’ revelations do suggest that alarms and CCTV act as a deterrent as long as burglars think they are genuine.

The report also cites research by security company ADT which indicated that 94 per cent of burglars would steer clear of properties that have a monitored alarm.

From a landlord’s viewpoint, fitting a genuine monitored alarm and/or CCTV camera system could help attract security-conscious tenants, and could minimise the chances of having to deal with the consequences of a burglary.

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