Over a third of UK landlords have experienced property abandonment by their tenant according to a recent report on landlordzone.co.uk

When a tenant moves out of their rented property before the end of the tenancy agreement without informing the landlord this is referred to as ‘abandonment’.   This can leave the landlord with rent arrears issues and Under the Prevention of Eviction Act 1977 it is a criminal offence for a Landlord to claim back their property to re-let or prevent the tenants return until the tenancy agreement has properly ended.  Prior to the termination, the tenant has the right to return to the property at any time. 

The National Landlords Associations (NLA) recently reported that over a third of landlords in the UK have experienced such an issue.  Of those landlords those in the North East of England have not fared well with over half suffering abandonment.  The South West does better with only 31 percent and London a little higher on 33 per cent.

‘Abandonment’ landlords usually have to resort to legal proceedings in order to retrieve possession of their property which can be lengthy and costly.   CEO of the NLA, Mr Richard Lambert said “The process of recovering an abandoned property is too long, frustrating, and costly for landlords at the moment” adding “Many people will be shocked by just how common this problem is”.

Royal Ascent has been received for the Housing and Planning Act with contains measures to tackle this issue for private landlords. 

Mr Lambert said “landlords will be relieved to know that the Housing and Planning Act will create a new process to deal with the issue, giving them far greater security and peace of mind when recovering  properties they believe to have been abandoned”.

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