Demand for accommodation in the private rental sector may be high at the moment, but landlords can't simply sit back and let the scramble for tenancies take its natural course.

Indeed, ensuring that properties are appealing can play a key role in generating competition among potential tenants, so it's fair to say that the most attractive homes are more likely to offer the most impressive yields as investors can increase the rent prices accordingly.

And in order to build on the draw of your assets, one expert explains that tenants are increasingly on the lookout for the most energy efficient properties that are likely to come with lower bills and boast impressive green credentials.

Carolyn Uphill of the National Landlords Association said: "Most tenants are a lot more savvy about saving energy - not always with regard to saving the planet, but to keep their energy costs down."

So whether it's better insulation, heat pumps or something as easy as LED lighting, it appears that landlords can boost their chance of securing tenants - and in the process keep void periods to a minimum - with a range of energy saving installations.

"By taking these steps, landlords demonstrate that they are responsible and are looking out for their tenants," Ms Uphill added.

For landlords who are considering taking measures that will make their properties more energy efficient, Marc Diaz, UK country manager at Panasonic, explains that greener boilers and heating systems are also a great way to cut back on energy consumption.

"Truly green heating systems… are much more flexible and cost-effective than a traditional fossil fuel boiler," he said.

But while tenants are likely to be drawn to homes that do offer strong potential to keep energy costs down, it's also important for owners to remember that they need to guard against potential damage to their assets, and landlord insurance policies can protect their holdings and fittings from any damage that may occur.