The need to find an effective way to boost poor pension provision is the top priority for investors in the buy-to-let sector, research published by Assetz has revealed.

According to the survey, 65 per cent of landlords are investing in properties to let as a means to increase their retirement income, while 27 per cent of respondents listed the potential for long-term capital growth as their main motivation.

Stuart Law, chief executive of Assetz, commented: "Many people feel they are familiar with the property market and have faith in its long-term growth and stability.

"Investors are very sensibly thinking long-term, with their main goal being to supplement their retirement incomes, as annuity rates remain at rock bottom and pension income projections are cut."

Considering that demand for rented accommodation in Britain remains high - and that the issue of undersupply is showing little sign of being resolved - it appears that investors are confident conditions in the buy-to-let sector will continue to be favourable for the foreseeable future.

Indeed, it seems that optimism is particularly strong given the current performance of the market, with only five per cent of respondents revealing that they do not think now is a good time to invest.

So as competition for tenancies increases and landlords benefit from the demand for their assets, the belief is that the trend will enable them to plan for retirement as their investments begin to pay off.

Yet while there are strong returns to be had in the lettings game, it's vital that investors protect themselves sufficiently if they want to ensure they don't suffer any unexpected drops in their income.

Landlord insurance policies are one of the most effective ways to guard against the risk that sudden maintenance costs leave investors struggling to balance their budgets, with the knowledge that they're protected against such factors enabling them to plan effectively for their retirement.