An overview of Britain's property market paints a relatively mixed picture at the moment, with prospective homeowners struggling while landlords benefit from the boom in the private rented sector.

Yet as domestic investors have been enjoying the high yields and strong demand in the lettings game, it appears that the performance of buy-to-let business in the UK is also serving to generate interest from overseas.

As Dr Rohan Weerasinghe explains, conditions in Britain are more favourable than they are on the continent when it comes to investing in rental property, meaning that potential buyers from abroad are looking to the UK in an attempt to cash in.

"There are essentially three reasons why investors from overseas, especially countries like Italy, are targeting the UK. The first is yield," said the author, a property investor and professional speaker.

According to Dr Weerasinghe, as well as the impressive yields to be had through letting property in Britain attracting the attention of overseas landlords, the more relaxed approach to lending and strong demand among prospective tenants are also proving to be enticing.

"The UK has an ever-increasing demand for rental properties in the private and social housing sectors. We have a housing shortage in the UK and investors - both from the UK and overseas - are helping to provide supply of properties to meet this need," he added.

But despite the promising state of Britain's buy-to-let sector and the appeal that it holds in drawing investors from overseas, it's still vital that landlords are aware of the potential pitfalls that could threaten their profits.

Everything from structural damage to accidents caused by tenants can leave owners facing the prospect of extensive repair bills in order to ensure their properties remain inhabitable, so landlord insurance policies are vital to guarding against such costs and reducing the risk of experiencing losses.