Student landlords in the north of the country are offering their tenants far better deals than those in the south, where newcomers will face high and ever-rising rental costs, a new report has stated.

Accommodations for Students has released its latest findings, which show that landlord insurance customers in general across the UK have allowed prices to rise in the last year, with the average nationwide student charge sitting at £79.42 per week at the current time, having gone up from the £77.04 seen last year.

Attracting students has always been seen as an easier task for buy-to-let investors than looking towards other areas of the private rented sector, as the influx of students to cities each year is pretty much evergreen. However, keeping competitive in an ever busying marketplace is important.

And according to the findings, it is those in the north who are competing best and offering the greatest deals to students who may still be on the fence with regards to choosing where they want to study.

Much of the increase in rental prices has been absorbed by those renting in the south, with northern city landlords either reducing what they charge in the last year or keeping it at a steady level.

Manchester and Leeds, for example, which are two of the busiest and most highly sought locations for students in the country, have average rents of £74 per week for students, a total that sits a full six per cent below the national average.

Landlords in the north are also thinking up new ways to keep themselves competitive according to the report. It stated that it is in this region that students are more likely to be offered deals wherein their bills - which often represent a large chunk of their outgoings - are included.

This can be enough to swing the opinion of those who are still deciding where to go and shows how landlords are grasping the chance to make the most of the market and bring people into their properties with tenancy agreements.