A recent report on Property118.com reveals that according to new research by SpareRoom.co.uk, having surveyed 10,000 of its users on the subject, there are no living rooms in 16 per cent of shared properties in Britain.

A similar survey carried out by SpareRoom.co.uk three years ago revealed that just 10 per cent of shared properties went without a living room.

The latest survey also revealed that 19 per cent of London shared houses did not have a living room – perhaps partially explained by the fact that 10 people are chasing every available room in the capital.

Of the 17 per cent of Londoners who shared a bedroom, 5 per cent were not couples – and were bunking with a roommate.

16 per cent of house shares in Glasgow and Liverpool had no living room, while the figure was 15 per cent in Aberdeen.

The article cites SpareRoom.co.uk Director Matt Hutchinson as saying: “The demise of the living room is symptomatic of the private rented sector struggling to cope with intense demand, and it’s not simply a case of landlords chasing higher yields. Many flat and house sharers tell us they’d compromise on a living room out of choice, if it meant paying less to keep a roof over their heads.

“Faced with rising rents, tenants are looking to save wherever they can. The only solution is to create more supply.”

Maximising Your Shared Property Revenue

Many landlords are taking the step of converting living rooms into bedrooms, where a property layout makes it practicable and it does not overly detract from a property’s attractiveness to existing and potential tenants.

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