The National Landlords Association (NLA) has launched a "complete Green Deal solution" to help Britain's landlords take advantage of the government's latest energy efficiency initiative.

With homeowners and landlords able to benefit from the cost-neutral scheme if they decide to improve the green credentials of their properties, the NLA is aiming to help boost the efficiency of the UK's rental housing stock by making the project more accessible.

By partnering with providers MITIE and United Legal Services Ltd (ULS), the hope is that the NLA's solution will provide as comprehensive a service as possible to landlords interested in the Green Deal.

"MITIE's relationship with the different ECO and Green Deal providers as well as its national delivery capability will ensure the best end-to-end solution for both landlords and tenants, and ULS will be able to supply the key support systems needed," said Richard Lambert, chief executive officer of the NLA.

"The government's Green Deal initiative highlights how important it is that the UK's housing stock is energy efficient. Landlords only have a few years to comply with the scheme until their hands will be forced.

"We encourage all landlords with properties in need of energy efficiency improvements to take advantage of the Green Deal - it's a win-win situation for both landlords and tenants."

Under the terms of the Green Deal, work designed to improve the energy efficiency of a property is paid for via a loan which is attached to the home's electricity bill.

And with the so called 'golden rule' of the scheme being that the bill will never be more expensive than it would have been had the work not been carried out, there is no added financial cost for consumers.

If landlords are looking to make their assets more competitive, carrying out energy efficiency improvements via the government's scheme could be a helpful factor in making their properties increasingly attractive to prospective tenants.