Landlords are becoming concerned about government proposals to ban them from placing uninsulated houses on the rental market.  If the plans go ahead the new rules could come into effect in 2015. This is part of the new Housing Energy Management Strategy which aims to show how carbon usage will be cut.

The government says that social housing is more energy efficient than the private rented sector.  The problem for private landlords is that social housing tends to be newer, whereas private landlords often buy older houses.  It can be very difficult to make significant improvements to older homes, especially if they have large single glazed windows.  If the property is listed it may not be possible to make all the changes one would like to bring it up to a high standard. Another proposal is to require landlords to show the Energy Performance Certificate on advertisements for rentals.

It looks as though landlords need to prepare themselves and maybe plan for some work to be done.  Yet another thing to take into account when juggling the expense of running a rental property against the yield.

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