MPs have voted in favour of providing new powers to ban landlords and agents who continuously flout the law according to a report on

Following the third reading of the Housing and Planning Bill local authorities will be given the power to issue banning orders which should be quicker allowing local authority inspectors a more effective process than the current system which requires offenders being repeatedly dragged through the courts.

The legislation is designed to target those landlords and agents who provide rented properties that do not comply with current safety levels which can include poor sanitation, infestation, electrical safety, overcrowding and damp problems.  Recipients of banning orders could face fines of up to £30,000  and their details will be entered onto a central database to which local councils will have access to in order to log rogue landlords and repeat offenders.

During the reading the two suggested amendments put forward, one to implement a national inspection regime and the second to set up a “Living Rent Commission” were rejected as being expensive and simply adding another level of regulation.

According to the article it is expected that the majority of responsible landlords will welcome the news having been subject to a number of anti-landlord campaigns in the media. The new powers are expected to be implemented in the summer.     

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