In the ever-changing private rented sector, landlord insurance customers are always on the lookout for little clues that show them if the time is right to hold on to what they've got or expand their portfolios at any given time.

One such indicator can be simply the sentiment among their customers, and a new survey has now shown that buy-to-let owners may be in a good position for some time to come thanks to a shift in attitudes among UK residents.

The study published by insurance firm LV showed that the aspiration to home ownership is no longer as strong as it once was.

It said that the previous generation (those now aged 55 to 75) saw 93 per cent of people ranking the purchase of a house as their biggest aspiration, but among under-35s in 2013, this has fallen as low as 33 per cent.

This shows a move towards a more continental attitude. In countries like Spain and France, there are a great many people who will rent for their entire life and never even consider purchasing a house.

Other data from the survey showed that buying a home is no longer even seen as a marker of achievement as it once was. Of those questioned, only 43 per cent said it was, while some 70 per cent even added that the notion alone was completely outdated.

Mark Jones, LV's head of protection, said: "Depending on your point of view an end to the Great British insistence on owning a home might come as a long-overdue breath of fresh air. While previous research has suggested that those in ‘Generation Rent' have had renting forced upon them by rising property prices and low mortgage availability, this report shows that huge numbers of young men and women are freely choosing tenancy and actually prefer it to ownership."

At the current time, it is believed that more than half of the homes in the UK are occupied by people who are not owners. LV said that around 52 per cent of residents across the nation are tenants rather than those who have purchased their own property.