Making properties eco friendly is widely considered to be a smart move as it enables money to be saved on energy bills while also reducing domestic emissions that can have a harmful impact on the environment.

And as the coalition pushes through its Green Deal proposals in a bid to improve Britain's green credentials and reduce the population's carbon footprint, it's likely that landlords will come under increasing pressure from tenants and the government to provide energy efficient housing in the coming years as a result of the focus on sustainability.

That's according to Tom Entwistle of, who explains that landlords can prepare for any possible legislation regarding the energy efficiency of rented properties by making changes now in order to get ahead of the curve.

"Landlords should start to improve the sustainability of their properties now by making improvements when opportunities arise, for example when doing repairs and maintenance, or during void periods, before they are forced to do it," he said.

What's more, as people become more savvy about the benefits of living in eco friendly homes, making the necessary adjustments could be an effective way of ensuring that a landlord's properties remain attractive to prospective tenants.

"As occupiers become aware of this legislation and the benefits of saving money by living in an energy efficient building, inevitably they will begin to demand these higher standards of their landlords."

So given the predicted increase in the popularity of sustainable housing, it seems that improving a property's green credentials could be vital for landlords looking to enjoy success in the buy-to-let market in the future.

While some projects are bigger than others - there's a big difference between installing solar panels and improving insulation - landlords insurance policies can ensure new additions to an owner's assets are protected in the event that any damage occurs, providing them with an added financial safety net.