It is that time of year again - the exam period is almost upon many who will be hitting their A-levels hard and trying to get the best grades so that they can have the choice of where they go to university.

For landlord insurance customers as well, though, it can be a tricky time, because they need to make a decision on where to buy new properties if they want to invest in this evergreen portion of the rental market.

According to a new study, the answer is pretty straightforward, as students and analysts have named Durham as the best place to study, thanks to the fact the standard of education is very high, and the cost of renting a property very low.

Haart, the estate agents that conducted the survey, said that the area offers the best value to students, with attendees able to gain accommodation for an average of just £62 per week.

While this lack of high rental prices might seem like a bad point for landlords, a deeper look can actually suggest that the situation is far better than it might first appear. Durham's position in the north-east, for example, means that the initial cost of purchasing homes will be far lower than elsewhere in the UK, giving a decent yield even if income is relatively low.

For those looking for something a little more expensive, giving them a higher immediate injection of cash, the most expensive places for students to move to were named as being Cambridge and Bristol.

In the latter, the cost sits at £96.25 per week for each student, while those in Cambridge will be charged £97 - this is a full 79 per cent more than in the cheapest city in the country, which was named as Liverpool.

Haart’s chief executive Paul Smith said that as well as Durham, there was one other city that scored high on many of the markets students may look at. 

"For those students looking to save money on their rental expenses and their social life, our tip is to study in Leeds."