Nearly 70 per cent of landlords have greater confidence in rental markets compared to January 2011, a survey for the Self Service Lettings Agency has found.

With reasons given for the new found buoyancy among landlords ranging from rent increases to the reduction in housing stock, a sense of optimism when it comes to buy-to-let properties is clearly on the rise.

Given that this news could lead to a potential increase in those looking to join the market, current landlords could do well by ensuring their landlords' insurance is as comprehensive and effective as possible as a means to protect their existing holdings.

The surge in the number of Brits looking to move into rental accommodation seems to show no signs of decreasing, as many are struggling to find a way onto the property ladder.

James Davis, the founder of the Self Service Lettings Agency, said that there is "an estimated double-digit increase in the number of people who will choose to become 'professional tenants' this year." With this in mind, it is clear as to why there is a growing confidence among landlords, as demand for their properties is not likely to subside any time soon.

In some areas, the growth in landlords' optimism was put down to the willingness of potential tenants to pay the asking rental price, in full, in a bid to improve their chance of securing the tenancy. Evidence such as this is another sign of the increase in demand that has led to such a dramatic rise in confidence among landlords.

As is to be expected, students are also credited by some landlords as a reason for the continued upward trend in the growing rental market, and this is also cited as a reason for landlords looking to carry on investing.

With the growing confidence in the buy-to-let market and demand for rental properties showing no signs of abating, insurance for landlords could increase in importance as the value of their holdings increases.