We are constantly being told at the moment that the market for buy-to-let properties is going through a temporary lowering of prices thanks to a drop in the number of people looking to rent from landlords across the country.

At times like this, landlords need not be fearful of the fall in demand. It is important to stay on top of the sector and continue to try to attract the most favourable tenants possible throughout. One of the best ways to do this is to make use of interior design and DIY, creating the perfect setting for those who are coming to view your home with an intention of buying. First impressions are all important, and anyone who has made the effort to decorate is likely to attract more applicants.

Landlord insurance will be important when it comes to these jobs, whether it is the owner or the tenant who is carrying them out. Without experts, accidents happen at times, so it is important to be covered against any eventualities.

When it comes to deciding what to do with the home, making use of colour is one of the most important and key aspects. One expert said that tenants viewing in early spring will want to banish the memories of colder weather gone by, and that landlords can capitalise by making use of colours that create a different atmosphere.

Carolyn Parker, founder of Carolyn Parker Interior Design, said: "In the light of the winter’s freezing cold, I think the trend will be for nice warm colours and lush fabric. I think people are wanting at least one room in a home that's cosy [where] they can snuggle up in front of a log burning fire. You can set the scene so nicely with scented candles and dimmed lighting.

"We've got some lovely earthy colours that are trending particularly well. A burnt orange colour is really gorgeous."

Other things landlords can do to make the home look fantastic for prospective tenants can include making use of hardwood flooring, which adds to the feeling of warmth and makes the place look bigger - always important with renters who see space as a premium.