With the buy-to-let sector in Britain booming, investors have been able to benefit from the high levels of demand for their properties and the increasing renting prices that have materialised as a result.

Yet the lettings game is about more than sitting back and watching the money roll in, as tenants that are not content with the service that they receive from the owner will be more inclined to look elsewhere - people want to know that they can trust their landlord to respond to their needs quickly and effectively.

So as investors look to secure long-term tenancy agreements that are not hit by extensive void periods and unnecessary disputes with those who rent their properties, building a good relationship with tenants can be particularly helpful - and it seems that many have done just that in recent months.

According to a survey conducted by the National Landlords Association, 79 per cent of tenants are satisfied with their landlord, revealing that the majority of those who live in the private rental sector are content with their current arrangement.

David Salusbury, chairman of the National Landlords Association, said: "Tenants have high expectations of their rental experience and so I'm delighted to report that the majority are satisfied with their landlords.

"There are many landlords who take great professional strides to ensure they are doing the best by their tenants - it's good to see their efforts come to fruition."

While protecting properties with landlord insurance policies and furnishing them to a high standard are both good ways for investors to boost their chances of profits, paying attention to the needs of their tenants can also play a role in securing long-term yields.

What's more, 76 per cent of tenants revealed that they have met their current landlord, indicating that the face-to-face approach may be becoming increasingly popular as a good way to foster the development of good relationships.