British landlord insurance customers want to see assistance from the Budget next week when chancellor George Osborne announces the plan for the year ahead to help boost spending in the sector for buy-to-let homes.

Rent recovery firm Landlord Assist said that it is vital that becoming an owner of these types of homes is made affordable, as every pound that is spent in the housing sector as a whole leads to spending across the entire economy.

In recent weeks, various construction organisations have called upon the government to help provide funding that would boost productivity and help get building sites in operation once more, and this new call will put further pressure on the chancellor to act.

Landlord Assist said that a market where homes are being bought and sold more freely makes for a feel-good economic factor, showing that there is a sense of stability and recovery in the nation's finances.

Graham Kinnear, managing director at Landlord Assist, also added that it has become vital that there are more rental properties made available to cope with a consistent level of demand that has made its presence known since the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009.

Outlining the changes that he would like to see the government bring in, he said: "We believe the government should consider a suspension of stamp duty on property purchases for a defined period of time to support new investors and encourage landlords to bring empty properties back onto the rental market."

Mr Kinnear said that while introducing a new stamp duty holiday would drop the income for the government from this route, it would subsequently bring about a rise in VAT receipts that would act as a form of compensation.

A previous stamp duty exclusion, which ended in March of last year, was hailed a marked success when it helped an estimated 120,000 people get themselves a footing on the bottom rung of the housing ladder.

The company also called for a reduction in taxes landlords need to pay on rental income, which would assist in instilling a greater level of confidence in the sector in coming months and years.