For many operating in the private rented sector, landlord insurance is an essential cost that they look towards to protect their own home and the costs of replacing anything that may be damaged by tenants or other factors.

However, one landlord has been fined and severely reprimanded after it was discovered that he had allowed his own property to fall in to a terrible state of repair, potentially leaving his tenants at risk of injury and putting them into a dangerous environment.

Shahinur Choudhury owned a house in Corporation Road, Darlington which was registered as a home of multiple occupancy (HMO). These types of property are required to have far more stringent regulation in order to protect the tenants, including a higher standard of fire safety, something which police found the owner had failed to address.

It was discovered that the house had no working fire alarms within it, while escape routes for anyone living there were blocked off. Alongside this, the staircase was adjudged to be dangerous and many of the other rooms were either dirty or genuinely dangerous.

Police moved to ban the home from being used for residence or sleeping under the Housing Act before contacting the relevant authorities.

Mr Choudhury appeared at Darlington Magistrates’ Court this week (Wednesday, March 20), and the landlord was convicted of 11 different offences, which meant that he was handed down a fine of £3,300 as well as a £450 compensation package to a former tenant.

Councillor Veronica Copeland, cabinet member for adult social care and housing, told the Northern Echo: "This case reinforces the need for rented homes to be inspected to ensure people, often vulnerable people in higher risk HMO properties, are living in safe conditions."

This shows landlords how important it is to make sure that they are taking care of their property in order to avoid any potential issues that can occur. Dealing with problems when they come to the fore and inspecting homes regularly are just two ways to make sure everything runs smoothly.