Whilst the majority of tenants cause no issues for landlords there can be those that become a nightmare, according to a report in Landlordzone.co.uk

Even an experienced landlord can be faced with one of the worst-case scenarios of being left with a filthy and/or damaged property as well as unpaid rent once a tenant has vacated. 

According to the report, one landlord from Hull experienced such a tenant.  Not only was he still owed outstanding rent, on entering the landlord found the property had been left with missing bathroom tiles, graffiti on the walls, children’s toys left strewn about, excrement, holes in the garage roof along with piles of rubbish, stained mattresses and even the family dog had been left locked in the house resulting in further filth and mess. 

Although this is not something that every landlord may face, it highlights the need to ensure that landlords should carry out full tenancy reference checks prior to taking on any tenants (check out our Landlord Tips and Guides section for information about tenant referencing), plus ensuring that your property has adequate landlord insurance may also help provide peace of mind. 

Click4quote.com landlord property insurance can provide optional additional cover for malicious damage by the tenant to both buildings and contents as well as additional products for legal expenses, rent recovery and rent guarantee.   So why not get a quote online today or call us on 01206 655899.