The majority of tenants living in the private rented sector in the UK could be happy to provide their immigration details to prove they were legally in the UK when taking out an agreement with a landlord, it has been discovered.

According to findings from a National Landlords Association (NLA) survey, some 87 per cent of tenants in the UK said they would be happy to prove their right to live in the UK when signing a contract.

It also discovered that generally 82 per cent agree with the governmental proposal and say it is fair that those looking to move into the private rented sector have a right to be in the UK.

Only 18 per cent of those surveyed said they felt they would have a problem with providing their immigration details to a landlord.

Under the proposed change to the law, landlord insurance customers would be obliged to make an immigration check part of their pre-tenancy list, alongside the likes of credit checks and references. They would only be allowed to let their properties to those who could prove they are legally in the UK.

As a part of the study, the NLA has also backed the government's plans to have landlords play a bigger role in the immigration policy of the country and help to cut out illegal tenants.

However, it also said there is work to be done on the proposals in order to make sure they are practical for landlords.

For example, the NLA believes asking landlords to carry out periodic immigration checks throughout a tenancy is unreasonable, and that this should still fall under the responsibilities of the relevant authorities.

It also said any regulation change should be clearly laid out and very easy to comply with. If there is any danger of landlords being caught out through misinterpreting things that are not clear, there is a risk that they will favour those applications which are easier to verify in order to protect themselves.