A retired couple was said to be “devastated” after discovering that their rental property had been used as a cannabis factory according to a BBC online report.

According to the article Avon and Somerset Police said that they had found a “sophisticated cannabis factory” with 230 plants in two of the bedrooms as well as the attic.  They also confirmed that the property’s power source had also been bypassed in order to supply the heaters, lights and fans.

The couple have estimated that the damage and the loss of rental income whilst repairs are carried out could be in the region of £10,000.

Click4quote.com has some useful tips to help landlord’s spot potential signs of this type of activity on their premises.  Why not check out our Landlords Tips and Guide section for more information.  You may also like to check your landlord insurance policy to make sure you know what you are covered for regarding damage caused by tenants through activity of this nature