The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) has cited the buy to let boom as the reason more and more gardens are becoming neglected and overgrown according to a report on

The RHS recent survey indicated that a third of front gardens have no plants and even more have simply been paved over compared with a decade ago.

In the article director general of the RHS, Sue Biggs was reported to have told the Daily Telegraph that “…gardens in rental properties are generally not as well looked after as those where homes are owned by their occupants” adding that “…neither tenant nor landlord [are] wanting to invest in keeping the property’s garden as attractive as it could be, There is a crisis in our front gardens and one of the major strands in it is the growth in rental properties.”

RHS research has also shown that people tend to become interested only after they have purchased their own property and according to the report landlords say that generally tenants are not interested in maintaining the property’s garden.  Landlords are also blamed for paving over gardens so that tenants don’t have to maintain them in a bid to stop gardens becoming overgrown and devalue the property.

You may like to ensure that during the warmer months, you visit your property on a more regular basis to ensure that the gardens are not being neglected.  You could even offer to remove some garden waste.  If your property has been paved over why not consider plants in pots which can be easy for a tenant to maintain.

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