Early 2013 has seen a pick up in the property market, with high demand and rising confidence pushing the price higher time and again.

However, there has always remained an air of uncertainty at how long this increase will last. Latest figures have gone some way to easing this fear, though, with new data showing yet another rise in February that could have another positive impact on the level of activity landlord insurance customers see.

According to the data released by Hometrack, the cost of purchasing a home in the UK rose by 0.3 per cent through February, boosted by the introduction of the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS) and NewBuy initative last year.

It meant that the inflation level for houses was at its highest in three years, with final sale values reaching growth proportions not seen for a single month since February of 2010.

The biggest boost was, unsurprisingly, afforded to the sector by the capital, with the market in London once again showing a strength that outdoes the rest of the UK combined.

The city's properties saw their prices swell by 0.7 per cent throughout February, a total far higher than across the country as a whole.

Richard Donnell, director of research at Hometrack, said the company expected that the government schemes brought in last year were not only providing a boost at the moment, but also a platform for growth moving forward and a sustainable rise in the cost of buying a house.

"Looking ahead, the continuation of the FLS together with Budget initiatives aimed at supporting lending and demand for new housing, will only serve to support pricing levels.

"The general improvement in market sentiment on the back of rising prices will be welcomed across the housing industry.

"However, while scarcity of homes, support for lending and new housing will all act as a support to pricing levels, the problems of affordability and deposit levels still remain serious impediments to a full blown housing market recovery."