Repairs should to be made to around seven million properties in the UK, according to new research.

Figures from Ocean Finance revealed that half of landlords and homeowners questioned said that work needs to be carried out on different areas of the house, from the garden to brickwork.

However, with purse strings tightened many cannot afford to carry out the work, and failure to do so could invalidate a landlord insurance policy.

Around a third (32 per cent) of respondents said that fences and boundaries needed repairing, as these might have suffered during Britain's recent harsh winters.

In addition 30 per cent said that they needed to paint the outside of the house, while 27 per cent added that they needed to paint or repair exterior windows, which might include fixing rotting window frames.

Damp or mould was a problem for 26 per cent of landlords and the same number admitted that replastering was down on their things-to-do list.

Blocked gutters, which could lead to water dripping down the outside of the brickwork and causing damp problems, was an issue which 26 per cent needed to address, while repointing brickwork and repairing the chimney stack was a job for 16 per cent of homeowners.

Other issues brought up in the survey included tidying up an overgrown garden, fixing leaking pipes or the roof, rewiring electrics and fixing cracked glazing.

Ian Williams from Ocean Finance, said: "It's easy to let small repair jobs mount up, and before you know it you have several different jobs that are going to cost a lot to fix. For that reason it's usually worth taking care of problems as and when they come up.

"Keeping on top of maintenance around the home is vital to protect the value of your property."

Ensuring that a property is in good condition is also more likely to attract interest from buyers or new tenants, with many being put off if a home does not look fit for purpose or will require a lot of work doing to it.