Becoming a landlord is like starting a business, and so as with any other entrepreneurial pursuit there's going to be some initial outlay before you see any form of return on your investments.

With having to pay for everything from the properties themselves to enlisting the help of estate agents and safeguarding assets with landlord insurance policies, a substantial amount of money is going to be ploughed into any attempt to get into the lettings game.

So as investors go about trying to secure the returns that are going to result in profit rather than loss, one expert advises that a good way to make your properties stand out to prospective tenants is to have them fully furnished.

"Consider providing rooms fully furnished as it prevents potential tenants for having to shell out for the essentials, and positions your property as a cost effective alternative to the competition," said Jonathan Moore, director of

While paying for furniture on top of the property itself will increase the amount that a landlord spends on their portfolio, seeing this as part of their investment due to its potential to make the tenancy more attractive could lead to more extensive long term profits.

And as well as furnishing your assets extensively, Mr Moore advises that it's also a good idea to ensure they're aesthetically pleasing so as to make them look appealing to prospective tenants.

"Freshening up the kitchen and updating the bathroom by replacing handles, changing light fittings and in re-grouting tiles in the bathroom [is a good idea]," he added.

"A fresh coat of paint throughout the property will also help to make your property look clean and inviting."

Whether it's a new lick of paint, keeping the interior up-to-date or ensuring you maintain properties well, it seems landlords can take a pro-active approach to making their assets more attractive to people looking for a home in the private rental sector.