Heavy rain is to continue affecting Wales over the next few days, with a risk of more flooding across the region.

With numerous flood alerts and a high tide warning, landlords across Wales are bracing for possible damage to their properties, or dealing with damage that has already been sustained.

Aside from flooding, gale force winds have also affected properties with gusts of up to 72mph in recent days. More than 1,000 homes have suffered loss of electricity, while trees have been blown down blocking roads and damaging buildings.

The jet stream’s current location is bringing low pressure weather systems to many areas of the UK. As yet the jet stream shows little sign of moving, according to forecasters.

North Wales, Powys and Ceredigion are currently affected by the latest rain warnings.

Key points about flooding for landlords:

  • As a landlord, you are responsible for any damage caused by flooding.
  • Damage to the structure, to water, heating, sanitation, and gas and electricity supplies must all be addressed by the landlord.
  • However, as the gov.uk website states: “If your property is seriously damaged by a fire, flood or other similar incident, you don’t have to rebuild or renovate it. However, if you do, you can’t charge your tenants for any repairs made.”
  • If a property is so badly damaged by flooding that it cannot be inhabited, as a landlord you are NOT responsible for providing alternative accommodation unless stated in your agreement.
  • Landlord insurance ensures you can claim back costs for any necessary repairs you undertake