Fire-fighters say a house fire they attended in Wigston in Leicestershire was started by a sofa, a recent report on the website claims.

The sofa was recently purchased by tenants Ross and Kim Marvin and contained a Bluetooth-enabled sound system with speaker and sub-woofer, which according to the article, Leicestershire Fire Brigade say caused the fire.

As well as having to deal with the loss of their dog in the fire, the couple are now facing huge bills for the repair of their rented home because their landlords insist they are responsible for paying for the damage, an assertion Mr and Mrs Marvin dispute.

The couple had no tenant contents insurance in place.

According to Mr Marvin said, “They told us we would have to meet the cost of all the damage to the landlord’s property – and carry on paying rent.”

However, Mr Marvin believes they are not legally responsible for the damage, saying: “A clause in the tenancy agreement says the landlord is responsible for insuring the property and his own contents. We have no insurance on the property.”

The Right Cover for Landlords

Given the fact that the couple blame the sofa company and the landlords blame the tenants, it is not clear at this stage who will eventually have to pay the significant repair bills.

For landlords, taking out specialist landlord property insurance is highly advisable, so that if their property is seriously damaged by an insured peril they will not risk having to pay for repairs out of their own pocket. For some landlords, such a loss could make it challenging to stay in business.

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