A Wrexham landlord is facing a repair bill of £20,000 after a serious fire tore through his rented out property according to a BBC report.

The fire which started around 6am required 20 fire fighters to bring it under control and caused neighbouring properties to be evacuated.  Luckily there were no reports of any injuries. 

Mr Humphries, the landlord is quoted by the BBC as saying “It was a huge shock” and that “my first concern when I was told about the fire was had anybody been injured.”

The article goes on to say that Mr Humphries was advised that not only had the property suffered fire damage but a number of cannabis plants had been found within the property and although, according to Mr Humphries, he had already served an eviction notice for non-payment of rent he had no idea that the property was being used for the cultivation of drugs. 

Mr Humphries is also reported as saying “Then I was told the property had been used for illegal purposes.  I’ve been told the cause of the fire is still under investigation.”

This incident helps to highlight how important it is for landlords to be vigilant for any early signs of illegal activity within their properties.  Click4quote.com has some helpful information on how to spot the early signs of illegal activity within your rented property in our Landlords Tips and Guides section.  It is advisable that you also check your landlord insurance policy to see what cover or restrictions you have regarding damaged caused by tenants through illegal activity