A report recommending the construction of two new garden cities in the UK is being suppressed by the Tories, according to leading voices within the Liberal Democrat Party.

Two years ago, when the report was commissioned, the Prime Minister gave his support to the idea of garden cities, which would be built to alleviate pressure on housing and help more people get on the property ladder.

However, it has been suggested that Mr Cameron has gone cold on the idea due to one the proposed sites being located in Oxfordshire – where his constituency of Witney is. The other is in Buckinghamshire.

Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron told the Daily Telegraph: “We need to grasp this nettle and turn all these warm words about housing into action. For a growing number of people, the aspiration of home ownership, with all the security it brings, has become a distant dream.”

“Garden cities offer a real chance for us to help tackle this problem and boost the economy.”

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said the new cities would not be imposed on areas where they were not wanted.

Labour’s Ed Balls however said his party would initiate the largest new town building program in many years if elected.

Among the new towns built after World War Two were Milton Keynes, Stevenage, Corby and Cumbernauld.

Perhaps you are one of our home or landlord insurance customers in Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire. Do you believe such new towns would be good for local people and the economy? Or do you think the wishes of those currently living nearby should come first? Leave your comments below.