The recent trend for soaring rent prices in the UK could begin to slow down this year as more private landlords invest in the buy-to-let sector, figures released by Rightmove have suggested.

Research conducted by the property website revealed that a growing number of first-time landlords are looking to get in on the lettings game as a means to take advantage of the returns on offer, and the move could relieve the upward pressure on rent costs as the supply shortage begins to ease.

Miles Shipside, director and housing market analyst at Rightmove, explained that an increase in the number of investors in the private rented sector may help bring an element of stability to rent prices as it would put the industry in a better position to cope with demand among prospective tenants.

"Buy-to-let investors, attracted by evidence of sustained demand and strong yields, will provide much needed supply relief to 'Generation Rent'," he commented.

"With the rise in demand showing no signs of slowing down, coupled with attractive yields, it is no wonder more and more are turning to buy-to-let properties to supplement their income or top up their pensions.

"Greater supply of rental property coming on tap is good news for tenants as it is likely to lessen the pace of rental growth in 2013."

The organisation's research also revealed that 74 per cent of professional landlords plan to expand their portfolios in the coming year, with around 88 per cent looking for a five per cent minimum average return on their investments.

As the buy-to-let sector continues to boom, there appears to be little sign that the trend for people living in rented homes will begin to reverse.

And while investors stand to enjoy impressive yields, it's important that they protect their financial position considering the sums that they're going to be investing - a factor that makes landlord insurance policies vital for anyone in the lettings game.