…. the Department for Energy and Climate Change.  The World Green Building Council’s European Leadership Awards for 2015 has acknowledged the development of new regulations reports landlordzone.co.uk

Senior Policy Advisor for the UK Green building Council, Richard Griffiths said “This award demonstrates the huge impact MEES [Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards] can have – and indeed are already having – on the private rented sector, and the degree of international interest in replicating them if successful.”

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) regulation means that from April 2016 tenants that live in properties that fail to meet the minimum standards will be able to force their landlords to make improvement.  The next phase will come into force from April 2018 which means that landlords who fail to comply with the minimum energy ratings – Energy Performance Certificate bands ‘F’ and ‘G’ will be banned from renting out residential properties.  

Carbon and energy consultant Peter Leggett at IMServ, one of the UK’s energy data management providers said “A typical building rated F or G could be a 1950s office block. These buildings usually have a boiler room in the basement, air-handling equipment on the roof and fluorescent tubes for lighting.  In these cases, often the energy system hasn’t been upgraded since the building was built, however small changes, such as LED lighting or localised heating controls, could make significant improvements to the building’s EPC.”

For older properties the improvement s could be more significant if, for instance, there is no wall cavity, no loft insulation or only has old single glazed windows.  Landlords should be assessing their properties with the view to what improvements are needed, timescales to affect them and the costs involved sooner rather than leaving it to the deadline.

For many landlords making some simply changes could improve the energy efficiency of their properties.  However if you need to make any significant renovations to bring you in line with the new regulations don’t forget to let your landlord property insurance provider know as this could affect your cover.   Click4quote.com can provide landlord property insurance so to get a quote online or read our previous Energy Efficiency blog visit our website today