Do you remember being a student and sharing a flat was fun especially with your best mates.  But how long did it take before the novelty wore off?  Now you are a landlord, don’t let your memories of those student days deter you from the opportunity to target a specific segment of the rental market. 

We think some things probably haven’t changed much and have listed just a few we think your student tenants won’t miss about sharing.

  1. Whose washing up has been left in the sink….again. It may just be a plate but it won’t wash up itself!

  2. Who didn’t empty the bin when they put the last bit of rubbish in it? That’s assuming the rubbish got as far as the bin!

  3. The ‘who’s used all the milk’ issue and left the empty carton on the worktop controversy.

  4. Food that mysteriously disappears even after it’s been clearly labelled and, even more worrying, locked in a cupboard.

  5. Drawing straws for the ‘smallest bedroom’ which in reality is the airing cupboard.

  6. Bedroom walls that aren’t as thick as you think they are.

  7. That favourite song that just has to be played on a loop

  8. Who didn’t clean the microwave after their dinner exploded?

  9. The shared bathroom and toilet!

  10. The excuses as to why the cleaning rota hasn’t been followed.

  11. Everyone paying the rent on time each month.

  12. Negotiating the return of your share of the deposit when you move out.


You probably won’t be able to do much about most of the points above but what you can do is ensure you have adequate let property insurance. provides let property insurance for a variety of tenant types including students.  Our cover can cover damage and theft by tenant, accidental damage as well as rent recovery and rent guarantee options.  Get a quote online or call us today to see how can help protect your student let property investment.