For urban dwellers, a superfast broadband connection is taken for granted, but for some rural households, that luxury of being able to download films and music – and even run a business – is severely hampered by slow connection speeds.

And when it comes to selling a countryside property, the lack of a good broadband connection becomes even more serious. As many estate agents are aware, fast web access makes properties more sellable, especially when buyers from big cities such as London require good connections in order to work or carry out business.
As reported in the Telegraph recently, some estate agents are even reluctant to place otherwise good properties on their books – because they have such poor internet access.

One alternative to regular broadband is to enrol in a satellite TV service such as Sky which includes internet access. However, properties in valleys or where foliage blocks signals can have continuing problems accessing the internet.
According to the Plunkett Foundation, 23 per cent of English countryside properties have limited or no broadband access.
“It’s a critical issue for the countryside. Having a fast broadband connection is as much of a building block in today’s economy as the Post Office or trains used to be,” said Mike Kelly of the Plunkett Foundation.

Original plans to extend internet coverage to 90 per cent of the UK by 2015 have been revised by the government, which will now aim for 95 per cent coverage by 2017.

Liberal Democrat MP David Heath recently bemoaned the slow connection speeds found in his Somerset Constituency, suggesting that “a man with a stick” could deliver messages more speedily.

Are you one of our unoccupied property insurance customers looking to sell their rural property? Have you experienced any problems picking up broadband access? If so, has it hampered efforts to sell your property? Let us know in the comments section.

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