When it comes to the possibility of purchasing your dream home the majority of people would overlook the possibility that it may already have a phantom resident according to propertyreporter.co.uk

The research carried out by Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks reveals that scarily 67 percent of buyers would not be frightened off a haunted house. In fact 6 percent would be more inclined to view a paranormal property.

However, not all those surveyed were happy to share their home as 12 percent said they would actually look to move if things started to go bump in the night and just under a fifth revealed that they would pull out of a purchase if they found out that the property already had a ghostly guest.

Those in Yorkshire and the South West proved to be made of stern stuff with only 29 percent most likely to be deterred by a haunting, compared to 36 percent in the North East and Wales. 

Women clearly prefer sharing with the corporeal as 40 percent were less than keen on spiritual ones compared to 24 percent of men.

The data did reveal that 5 percent of would-be homeowners would welcome the prospect of a supernatural house if only to use it to haggle over the purchase price.

Retail Banking Director, Steve Fletcher said: “Everyone is looking for something different in their dream home however we were surprised that the majority of people would be happy to share with a supernatural presence. Our research also revealed that 3% of those surveyed actually believe their current property may be haunted and that they are co-habiting with a ghostly resident.”

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