Ever wanted to own a country retreat, that little slice of heaven somewhere in the beautiful British landscape, an escape from the hustle of city living?  Sounds idyllic but it can come with some unexpected drawbacks, according to a report by the BBC.

The article lists not only the purchase of the property but also running costs, repairs and other expenses whether you are there every weekend or just now and again.  For instance a large garden can be appealing but can require a great deal of maintenance.  Edward Hall, head of estate agents Smiths Gore is cited as saying ‘The idea of having a big garden in the country is fine, but a big garden needs looking after,’ and that ‘In summer you either have to pay someone to mow the lawn every week or you do it yourself. The first option can be expensive and the second can be time-consuming.’

You could, as the report suggests, do away with a traditional garden and opt for a courtyard instead.  Mr Hall goes on to say that ‘We find that a lot of people who live in London don’t want to be tied down. They want their bolthole to work for them rather than feeling that they are working for their bolthole.’

Running costs can also be a factor and a large house can be more costly to maintain.  One option, according to the article, could be to choose a small cottage or a flat or even an apartment in a converted country house.  Many properties that are too big for a single family and have no significant historical or architectural interest to organisations like the National Trust have been transformed in such a manner.

Property expert Henry Pryor who is a regular on BBC Breakfast explains ‘Split either vertically or horizontally, these slices of history often come with a management company which tends the gardens and services the pool and tennis court,’ and goes on to say in the article that ‘This ensures that the latch-key owners don’t have the same management issues that other homeowners face and yet enjoy the benefits of homeownership that many tenants don’t have.’

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