As half-term starts and families head off for the slopes to enjoy a spot of skiing, the likelihood is that they'll feel as if the week passes all too quickly.

So if you regularly find that your time in the mountains goes by in a flash before you've had a chance to really enjoy everything that the resort has to offer, you could well be tempted by the chance to pick up a ski property.

And for anyone who finds themselves in such a position, Athena Advisors say that now is the ideal time to cast your eye around the market.

"Half term week is by far the busiest of the year in the ski property sector and this year will be the busiest since the 2007/2008 season," said Nicholas Leach, partner at Athena Advisors.

"[It's] a great week just for skiing, being mid-way between the cold New year and warmer Easter, but it also provides buyers who have children with an opportunity to spend at least a day or two looking around for ski property whilst the kids are in ski school."

Yet while being in the mountains is the perfect opportunity to have a look for a snowy getaway, Athena Advisors have published a list of tips to ensure that people are taking the right factors into account as they go about their search.

One of the most important things to look at is the altitude, as this will affect snow quality and the length of the season during years of little snowfall.

It's also good to consider how much skiing you tend to get done in a day, and if you like to spend plenty of time on the slopes then it's good to choose a property with easy access to a wide range of runs.

Another aspect is the transfers, as you want to make sure that your property isn't too far from an international airport in order to keep journey time to a minimum.

Holiday home insurance will be a great purchase too, protecting your flat or chalet against the cost of any essential repairs and keeping your investment safe.