Spain may well be considered the typical destination for Britons looking to pick up a holiday home abroad, but it turns out that French properties are proving most popular.

As the latest latest HiFX Property Hotspots Report revealed, 23 per cent of Brits who are thinking of purchasing assets overseas are looking to do so in France.

While this is down from 35 per cent in March, the decrease has been attributed to the recent property tax hike for foreign owners announced by the French government, although it does not seem to have done enough to completely dampen the British appetite for homes across the channel. 

Mark Bodega, director at HiFX, said: "France remains a safe bet for Brits. It goes without saying that the sun and lifestyle are a big pull but buyers can now get better value for their money and take advantage of the weakening euro."

Unsurprisingly, Spain proved to be the second most popular location for people looking to grab a bargain on the continent, with 19 per cent of respondents revealing Spanish shores to be their first choice.

"Spain is still popular with Brits who are hoping to take advantage of lower property prices. The average property price in the country is down almost 13 per cent in the last year alone," Mr Bodega added. 

Yet despite the weakness of the eurozone and the cut-price properties that can are on offer, the USA came third on the list of countries where Brits would most want to own a second home as seven per cent revealed the States to be their preferred destination.

Wherever it is that people most want to invest in a foreign getaway, it's important to remember all of the little details in order to ensure unexpected costs do not arise, and this includes holiday home insurance policies which can protect against factors such as theft and damage.