Despite Brits finally being promised some sun for the coming week, many will not be too optimistic of its potential to last for the rest of the summer.

And with warmer temperatures, clearer skies and more consistent weather available in other areas of Europe, some are often tempted to buy abroad and bask in the almost guaranteed heat that can be found in the Mediterranean.

Yet while this is often a determining factor for many Britons as they choose where to buy their second home, others may have different concerns involving prices, local communities and job opportunities.

However, whatever it is that people are looking for, one expert suggests that there are a number of ways to help them be sure that they find the perfect area suited to their needs - and that one method for doing so can be to spend some time renting in a particularly attractive location.

"The first thing to ensure is that the area where you want to live is the best one for you," said Lindsay de Feliz, marketing manager at Expat Focus.

"If possible, it is probably better to rent first for six months before purchasing."

With everything from foreign mortgages to second home insurance to consider when buying abroad, it is important that anyone contemplating a move overseas gets exactly the property that they want when opting to take such a significant step.

Indeed, given the vast range of factors that have to be taken into account when purchasing any new holdings, people who take time to get to know the area in which they are planning to buy a home in another country give themselves every chance of being certain that they have found the location best suited to them.

"It is also important to understand all of the laws of the country in which the property is being purchased - especially relating to taxation and inheritance," Ms de Feliz added.